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It’s a tough time for universities right now, with institutions facing what are unprecedented challenges. The current COVID-19 crisis coupled with years of squeezed budgets and increased costs, has brought the challenges facing higher education into sharp focus. There is a recognition that education - the value, the price, the product - has fundamentally shifted, accelerating the need to rethink how we operate and reimagine our universities for the 21st century.

For a number of universities, robotic process automation is helping them drive much needed efficiencies, enhance student engagement and improve job satisfaction by removing mundane and repetitive tasks.

To help other universities see how they can reap the same benefits, we've produced a video with two experts on the topic:

  • Jodie Trumper, HR and Innovation Director at UCL shares the university's Intelligent Automation story and
  • Prof Alan Brown, Digital Economy at Exeter University gives advice on why universities have to do to invest in technology now more than ever.

Discover practical advice on creating a robust strategy

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Discover practical advice on creating a robust strategy