Expertise at scale

We provide teams of experts to solve complex problems for our clients. We handpick members of these squads ensuring they contain the right blend of skills and expertise to meet our clients’ technology needs.

Tangible results defined upfront and in collaboration

We work across six core service areas

With a strong focus on delivering rapid value, working in the open and effectively transferring knowledge back in-house

Software Engineering

Engineering excellence with precision and pace

Agile / DevOps / API Architecture

Product Management

Crafting digital products that delight

Discovery / Agile / Squads

Intelligent Automation

Humanising your automation experience

RPA / Conversational AI / Machine Learning

Data Intelligence

Enabling data driven decision making

Data Engineering / Analytics / Data Science

Cloud Platforms

Leveraging the scalability, reliability, and performance of cloud

Migration / Cloud Native / Microservices

Digital Experiences

Developing user centred products and services

Prototyping / Advisory / Discovery

Delivering outcomes

We co-create an outcome-based specification for the squad to deliver within a 3 month period. We work in quarterly cycles as it provides flexibility and enough commitment for the squad to effectively deliver.

Our squads are far more than just a team of individuals. They offer clients:

  • A fully managed team that doesn’t add an additional resource management overhead
  • Peace of mind that we have ‘skin in the game’ to ensure their outcomes are met
  • Access to high-end skills that may not be feasible in their location or sector
  • Assurance that if resources are not the right fit, they will be quickly replaced to maintain momentum
  • To maintain full ownership and IP of the products and services that are built
  • Left with a legacy of internally upskilled staff with fully transferred knowledge
  • Delivery and commercial assurance and oversight driven from our collective years of experience in running large-scale software engineering teams
  • Access to our cloud partner connections and network (Including AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud)