Who Am I?

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Believer, husband, father, artist. I have been a researcher at heart for as long as I can recall, always burying myself in any interest that I have found myself drawn to. While everything from archeology to zoosonology has its own level of intrigue for me, I have always gravitated to biology in particular, and that love of biology eventually brought me to the world of commercial biotechnology. Though it was a vastly intriguing field to be involved with, I turned away from it in 2011 and focused my attention on other things; it was at this time that I came to discover that the Bible was absolutely trustworthy as a witness to both history and the future, that my previous dedication to naturalism was utterly unfounded, and that Jesus Christ was wholly necessary as my eternal King and Savior.

In early 2011, I gave my life over to Him and nothing has been the same (thankfully) since.

My greatest joys in life now are found in the relationship I have with my Savior and in the special time I spend with my wonderful wife and three lovely children. I have no idea how this life would be without them all, for they make each day totally worthwhile.

A student of Bibliology at Koinonia Institute and a dogged autodidact, I busy myself intellectually with study across a variety of fields, including paleontology, forgotten and lost history, technology, and discovery in general. I am an avid researcher of the science behind Biblical Creationism, being a member of the Creation Science League, the Creation Research Society, the Associates for Biblical Research, and the International Association for Creation, and I have spent the last several years writing and illustrating my first semi-technical book on the subject. That book (Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World), and it’s sister volume (The Official Art of Remnants of Eden) is now available in print and eBook formats here and at a range of other fine retailers! I am currently working as an illustrator for Saved Magazine, preparing original art and technical diagrams for the fantastic periodical, while also contributing provocative articles as the opportunity arises. Looking towards the future, I hope to continue to apply my artistry in a way stirs the imagination and the soul, pointing others to a truth beyond that which is easily seen…

Ultimately, this is who I am, and in all things, personal, educational, and beyond, I try to keep my eyes on the Kingdom of God, and being an ordained preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I strive to help others see it with me.

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